Phase 2 Clone Trooper Helmet - 3D Print Files

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3D Print files for the Phase 2 Clone Trooper Helmet

Complete your own Phase 2 Clone Trooper helmet as seen in the tutorial video here:

PLEASE NOTE: This is a digital 3D print file, not a physical helmet.

This helmet design has been built from the ground up to be 501st approvable.

The teeth of the helmet have been cut out to allow for a mesh material to be easily added as dictated by the 501st CRL.

The aerator greeblies come in two versions: smooth and mesh.
The smooth version has no detail and allows for you to add your own mesh material similar to under the teeth.
The mesh version has the mesh detail pre-built into the model so all you'll have to do it paint it!

8-23-21: Added a thinner walled version of the helmet

If you would like to use this helmet for commercial use, please subscribe to the "Specialist" tier of my patreon here