Galactic Marine Clone Trooper Helmet - 3D Print Files

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Please note: this is a digital file and not a physical product.

Galactic Marine's Helmet 3d Print Files specifically made to be 501st approvable.

Bacara's Galactic Marines are some of the most iconic Clone Trooper variants. Now you can make one of their unique helmets in your own home.

File format is STL and is tailor made to be 3d printed and worn.

The files come in two pieces: top dome, and face. These two pieces fit together to ensure a secure hold post-printing.

There are two available versions of the helmet: With mesh and without mesh.
The version without mesh allows you to add mesh yourself with a different material.

Pre-scaled to a male head but can be adjusted to fit any shape of head.

If you would like to use this helmet for commercial use, please subscribe to the "Specialist" tier of my patreon here